Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word and Other Stories (synopsis of the book)

“Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word”is a romance. It is also homage to the history of linguistics. It won the Summer Literary Seminars short fiction first prize in 2011 and was published in The Walrus in Canada and Black Warrior Review in the United States.

“A Dream on Fire” was intentionally written in a very South American style. The entire thing was thought up and written in two nights in Mendoza, Argentina. It is inspired by the life of junta-assassinated journalist Rodolfo Walsh, and it also won a short fiction award and was published in the 2011 Whispered Words anthology.

“Meinong’s Jungle” is a burlesque of the concepts of both suicide and informational entropy. It’s not easy to synopsisize, so I’ll just let it speak for itself. It was written when I was living in Japan in 2003, and finally published almost a decade later, in the San Francisco inter-arts journal Mission at Tenth.

There are many other tales in this collection, stories as different as the elephantine metropolises, majestic deserts, soaring mountain ranges and primeval rain forests that I passed through while writing them.

It was a good trip. I can only hope that my readers will enjoy the trek as much as I did.

(April 2012, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)


One Response to “Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word and Other Stories (synopsis of the book)”

  1. Hi Blair,
    As always, your writing is brilliant, inspiring, and illuminating! Thank you for taking the time to share these amazing stories with the us, your loyal fan base.

    I wish you every success in this life and will continue to follow your adventures for as long as you continue to communicate them.

    Sincerely, Carrie

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