Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word

The version of this story, which won the 2011 SLS first prize for short fiction, has been published online here, in the Canadian literary magazine The Walrus:

Winning the first prize allowed me to take an all-expenses paid trip to two-weeks of literary seminars and public readings in Lithuania in August of 2011.   =)  It also helped get me published a few months later in the USA, in the Black Warrior Review!


2 Responses to “Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word”

  1. What a magnificently written and poignant story this is; at times hilarious, yet with many sober truths about human nature, communication, and the uncertainties in life. I especially loved the poem, which perfectly describes the torture of love lost.

  2. This story was so soft..and it truly showed Blair’s range as a writer. The final line “They had created the perfect language, absolutely minimalist and consummately expressive, consisting of only a single word which never need be spoken.” Incredibly well thought out and written.

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