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March 19, 2012: More good news! I learned today that I won an award in the 2011 international “Whispered Words” short fiction competition with my short story “A Dream on Fire”! They tell me it will soon be published in this year’s Whispered Words anthology in Canada. =)

The Whispered Words Anthology

Here is the link to the award announcement:

Besides that,  I also learned recently that a friend in Lithuania who translated the story early this year was able to have his translation accepted by his country’s top literary journal, Literatura ir Menas. So soon I will be published in Europe as well! =)

Literatura ir Menas

Meanwhile, some American filmmaker friends have expressed an interest in making the story into a short film! So hopefully the good publicity of this prize will help that dream to come to fruition too…

February 29, 2012: Hey, it appears that my science fiction piece “Meinong’s Jungle” will be appearing in the San Francisco inter-arts journal Mission at Tenth in the coming month! It is a story I wrote a while ago, so it feels especially fulfilling to know it will soon be making its way to the printing press! =D

Mission at Tenth

September 23, 2011: I just learned today that my short story “Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word” will be published in the literary magazine Black Warrior Review on October 6th, with a circulation of about 2,500! =-D   Great news for me today! Thanks again to everyone for their support!

Black Warrior Review

August 20, 2011: Well, I just got back to the Middle East after more than three weeks in Eastern Europe! I had a great trip, met a ton of aspiring and accomplished writers, and participated in several writing workshops. =-) My first public reading even led to a story being translated into Lithuanian by a local fan!

Great flowers in Eastern Europe!

Making a voiceover for a short film version of one of my stories

June 28, 2011: The July-August edition of the Walrus magazine is now out, and my short story “Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word” is available to read online here: If you like it, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the Walrus page… =D

The Walrus

April 17, 2011: Here are some recent book cover possibilities… Tomorrow I fly to Saudi Arabia…  =)

A historical fiction novella

My short story book

April 1, 2011: Hey, I have just received word that I won first prize in the Walrus magazine’s 2011 SLS Unified Literary Contest! Thanks to everyone for their continued support of my writing!

September 20, 2011: Greetings to all my old friends and fans! I have decided to start this webpage to keep everyone up to date on my newest writing projects. Just check out this page once and a while to get my most recent news and updates…


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  1. I explore my own country vicariously through your words…..enthralled by the discoveries and awaiting more.

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