The Idealist (synopsis)

Victor St. Martin is a naive young CIA agent, proficient in several languages, who has been dispatched to Angola to act as an interpreter for local mercenary groups fighting communists in a bloody civil war.

He soon learns that he is far out of his depth, as  a series of accidents force him to join a motley crew of international mercenaries. Commanded by the murderous loose cannon, Lieutenant Tony Callan, the men are waging a terrifying war against the legendary eighth brigade of “The Immortal Monster” Jacobo Caetano, an Angolan so infamous and hard to kill that he is considered a demon.

A psychologically complex espionage thriller similar to The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and The Quiet American, the story is based around true events and real historical figures. With eccentric, well developed characters and an engaging narrative, this book provides insight into an intriguing conflict which has had long lasting effects throughout the region and the world.


One Response to “The Idealist (synopsis)”

  1. The vivid depictions that Blair uses in his writing are seen again in this story. His mix of facts and fiction puts the reader in the middle of a treacherous war in Angola. It bares some similarities to the script of “Inglorious Bastards” when comparing the violence to that of Quentin Tarantino’s brigade. It is well known that Tarantino struggled to find a suitable ending and I could sense it in the movie. Blair had no such difficulty.

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