The Fallen Angels (synopsis)

It is 1961 and President Eisenhower has just delivered his farewell address, warning that science has become a military monopoly. Hundreds of thermonuclear tests are scheduled across the planet in a mad race for mutually assured destruction. Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer, disgraced director of the Manhattan Project, sits on a beach in the Virgin Islands reading the Mahabharata and contemplating suicide.

Suddenly the phone rings, setting off a chain of events that will carry the old physicist all the way to Brazil and back again. Tension builds to fever pitch as Oppenheimer desperately searches for a way to stop a horrific murderer ―and save his own soul.

With an esoteric array of eccentric historical figures running from Japanese karate masters to Nazi doctors, the story weaves a complex web between several countries and three different intelligence agencies, ensuring that the action never stops until its monstrous and unforgettable climax.


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