Read the descriptions of the novels below and click on the covers to read excerpts, or the links in blue to read brief synopses of the storylines.

“The Fallen Angels” is a story that is difficult to classify, as it deals with numerous themes: the nature of science, the nature of religion, and the nature of war. It takes place in 1961, beginning with the farewell speech of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and ending with the dropping of the 60 megaton Soviet Tsar Bomba in October of the same year.  I have tried to portray the main characters with as much authenticity as possible. Many sections of the dialogues from the story are actually direct biographical quotations.  I have had it proofread by physics professors and Judaism scholars, who have checked the religious references, mathematics and foreign languages involved, and have been quite enthusiastic about the work.

The story has developed a bit of a cult following amongst those who have read it, and many people have mentioned that it has cinematic potential.

Read a brief synopsis of the plotline here.

All comments are welcome.

This is a short novel I wrote regarding the Angolan Civil War, which lasted from 1975 to 2002, took the lives of approximately half a million people, and involved more than two dozen countries. It is a forgotten conflict that most people know nothing about, so I it made an ideal setting for an anti-war narrative.

The book was only completed thanks to two incredible strokes of good fortune. I developed the idea while I was travelling in South America, but had resigned myself to letting it go unwritten, for lack of reference material about the subject and fear of misportraying history. Then in Quito, Ecuador  the key reference book regarding the activities of the CIA in the region, Major John Stockwell’s expose of the Angola operation (collectively called IAFEATURE in the declassified literature) that he oversaw, as well as several other related materials, miraculously fell into my hands. And the month that I was finishing the story, while still quite unsure about several regional topics, an obscure Angolan acquaintance contacted me to discuss a position teaching Mandarin in her country. Out of the blue I had an Angolan friend who was willing to help me flesh out the story with cultural details and historical facts.

Incredible timing.

The story is a work of historical fiction, and deals with several real, although little known people who were involved in the conflict, like John Stockwell, Roberto Holden, Tony Callan, Jacobo Caetano and Hendrik van den Bergh.

You can read a brief synopsis of the story here.

Again, all comments are more than welcome.


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