About my Writing

You can click on the the links to the right to read excerpts from each of the books displayed below.

A book of short stories written in various styles: mystery, satire, romance, horror, allegory, social commentary and science fiction. Containing “Love is Such an Old Fashioned Word,” the short story selected as the first prize winner of The Walrus magazine’s 2011 SLS Fiction Award, “A Dream on Fire” a short story published in Europe and Canada that won a Whispered Words short fiction award, and “Meinong’s Jungle”, a science fiction piece published in the United States.

One of my most highly regarded stories, this is an espionage-style historical fiction novella dealing with the nature of science and the late middle-age of two oddly juxtaposed characters:  Josef Mengele and J. Robert Oppenheimer. It also involves numerous other figures relating to the history of science and takes place in 1961, at the height of the era of Mutually Assured Destruction. The cover is a charcoal sketch montage of the story’s main characters, done by a Canadian friend named Shane J. Crerar.

A historical fiction novella dealing with an idealistic intelligence agent sent to work as an interpreter during the Angolan Civil War.


6 Responses to “About my Writing”

  1. Blair’s writing is incredible. I find it hard to stop reading him…His style is between John McFee and Paul Thereaux….lots of travel information about fascinating subjects all over the world.He makes me want to read more about countries and people. He is very well researched…lots of facts and anecdotes and supporting experiences. He should be writing for the New Yorker magazine. The global world is a lot closer with his stories and thoughts.

  2. First of all I want to say that I have read some of your short stories and I find them simply amazing…I am really looking forward to read more!!

    Your writings have a lot of culture and historical facts and at the same time they are not just “cold facts” but full of vivid images from your special vision..Have you tried to publish then in an specialized magazine?


  3. I am happy to have had the chance of reading some of the stories of this magnificent writter. He has an unique style full of natural mystic, clear descriptions and passion. I always get hooked to every story he develops…it’s like living it myself and feeling all his happiness, pain and joy in my own skin. I personally loved his book ‘The Cappezza File’…Just amazing and overwhelming!

    Blair Bourassa’s books will take you to a unknown world and make you to realize that we all belong to it.

  4. Blair and I spent couple of weeks together on the road in Central America and not only did I learn a lot from him, I also experienced with how much motivation and well done research he is writing his books.
    Fundamentally I’m very critical about stuff and stories I read. But especially with Blair’s books I feel I can trust in the truth of his stories. Not only because he is a great person, but because I’ve been there and I’ve seen myself, how faithful a world class author does his research.
    I loved to read his book “The Fallen Angels” and hope more books will follow.
    To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Blair will soon do his way up among the top writers you can find in your local book store.
    His writing is already there! =)

    I wish him all the best!
    Take care and happy travelling,

  5. I really love his writings and the way he expresses himself!
    You really put sense on what St Augustine once said, ““The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
    Please never stop writing!
    I wish you the best!

    Carlos Angulo

  6. Blair Bourassa’s writings are outstanding as much for their substance and tremendous informational value as for their elegant style and lightness of reading. All the sociopolitical, cultural and historical background Bourassa provides will satisfy even the most inquisitive mind without boring the less inquiring. Luckily his erudition does not make Bourassa pretentious but instead he manages to stay fresh, lively, modest and full of witty and insightful comments. Most importantly Bourassa writes with a passion that is truly contagious. I am certain that he will become a bestselling author and am really looking forward to reading his novels in full.

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