Welcome to the Wilderness…

Hey, thanks for checking out my page! My name is Blair Bourassa and I am a Canadian writer. I have put together this website to give my friends and fans access to information about my writing. You can click on any of the links at the right to read excerpts from my work. Feel free to show your support or leave comments about the selections!


My short story “Love is such an Old Fashioned Word” won the 2011 SLS short fiction first prize and was published in both The Walrus magazine in Canada and Black Warrior Review in the USA.  More recently in 2012, my science-fiction piece “Meinong’s Jungle” was published in the California inter-arts journal Mission at Tenth, alongside the work of Daniel H.Wilson. In March, I also won an award in the international Whispered Words short fiction competition for my short story “A Dream on Fire,” which was published in the Whispered Words Literary Anthology in Canada and the European literary journal Literatura ir Menas, as well as made into a short film in the USA.

 I am currently working on several new short fiction pieces and I would love to put together another story collection over the next year or so, if I can find the time.

Any comments about my writing can be  sent to my email at:


I look forward to hearing from you.

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~ by blairbourassa on March 21, 2012.

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